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When you want more from your logistics partner, Uni-Trade is your logical solution.

In today's competitive world, you need to minimize costs at every level:
  • Flexibility in standard processes
  • Better sources from low-cost economies and faster routes to market
  • High availability and readiness of resources with lower inventory
  • Improved agility with lower costs
  • Increased efficiency without impacting the environment
  • We invest profoundly in research to be at the helm of every facet in the logistics process and properly apply the best solution to deliver tangible benefits in your supply chain.

Simplify your process by working exclusively with a company that is widely recognized with over 26 years of knowlege and experience on the field: One company that will take care of your business. with great recognigtion in consuting service, our experts in customs can help you characterie the needs for your company. This will allow you to focus more on finding opportunities to minimize costs and risks. We look closely at your commodities and use our expertise to help ensure you're paying the appropriate amount of tariffs, duties, and declared values. At the same time, we help you comply with the existing government regulations and stay ahead of changing compliance laws. With all the variables and challenges that importing creates, our streamlined approach to customs brokerage means less risk, fewer errors, and reduced costs for you.

Experience the unmatched benefits of our customs brokerage service:

  • Operations processing Counseling
  • Open hierarchical structure
  • UNI-TRADE's customs service and the reissuance through multimodal service are combined to offer you the perfect solution 
  • Learn about additional services that can be added to the customs clearance

Optimization of space, time and distance is vital in the reduction of cost and time in handling your shipments; Uni-Trade offers a customized solution using our extensive network of warehouses and carriers with global coverage.

At Uni-Trade we specialize in dry goods warehousing, refrigerated (temperature controlled), HAZ-MAT, perishables, IN-BOND, FTZ and other types of storage. We have the highest levels of monitoring to ensure the integrity of your cargo at all times.

Our strategic alliances with global coverage enable us to transport shipments to any destination, safely and rapidly. Global transportation is one of the important factors that have compelled Uni-Trade to be unmatched in international trade. We excel in providing comprehensive custom-made solutions.

  • Ground Transportation: Rely on our highly trained and experienced team for your transport needs in dry van, flatbed, temperature refrigerated vans, oversized low boys, consolidated shipments or parcel.
  • Intermodal and rail: Rail transportation has always been a cost-effective mode of transfer. We provide transport rail services in double-stacked rail, boxcar, hopper or any other specialized type through rail networks globally established.
  • Air Service: With a wide variety of options in air transport (Next day, second day, charter or hand-carry) we adjust to your needs and specifications of each project, economically and concise.
  • Ocean Service: Do you require full container or consolidated freight? Uni-Trade offers global coverage in ocean transport with the best options for routes and guaranteed security.

A global team of experts and world-wide affiliated agents collaborate for you within the Uni-Trade network. Together with the diversity of our services, we can provide transportation options no matter size, weight, origin or destination.

The use of our Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows us to expedite your supply chain inventory which is vital to your business.  With instant reports and real-time notifications for multiple warehouse management, our system is easily accessed via internet and mobile devices. Our main warehouse has a capacity of over 200,000 square/feet and features modern facilities with racks equipped for the efficient storage and handling of your shipment. In addition, all areas, ramps, platforms and docks for loading and unloading are under constant surveillance with security cameras.

With a first-class team of experts in international commerce, we are constantly training to fully comply with ever changing foreign trade laws to prevent and avoid risky situations. Uni-Trade offers expert consulting on customs, fiscal, and global logistics and comprises the resources to provide an all-inclusive transport solution.

We use cutting edge technology to the constantly track every shipment, thus allowing its immediate location through our website or our system of pre-alerts sent via email or SMS.

With over 26 years experience in international trade with a global reach, we provide comprehensive logistics management that includes the return of parts and components for repair, refurbish and fulfillment at unsurpassed operational costs.



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Momentum at global speed.